Friday, 30 January 2015 10:00



TSU 2015 : Blue Stories- Solve the Ionian mystery! 


On the west side of Greece, where crystal blue water meets the green forests, every summer, mystery is spreading! Local people call this scary phenomenon “Blue Stories”…This summer in their attempt to bring their lives back to normal, locals asked us to find 30 willing and skillful people to help them solve the mystery!

What’s the relationship between a glass of water and the disappearance of a woman? What kind of secret can be hidden in an empty room? How can the opening of a book change completely someone’s life?
If you want to learn all the answers to the strange stories that have been torturing the locals for years, then the only thing you have to do is apply now!


Come and help us solve all these mysteries, while travelling all over West Greece. Our adventure begins from Patra, one of the biggest cities of the country! Next stop, Ioannina, the silver city with the beautiful lake! With daily excursions we’ll discover many surrounding areas, we’ll visit ancient monuments, we’ll do rafting, we’ll cross on foot one of the greatest canyons of the world and of course we’re gonna visit some of the most famous greek islands. First we’ll travel to Lefkada with the amazing coasts, then we’ll move to Kefalonia with the mysterious beauty and the secret caves and in the end we’ll visit Ithaca, the historical island of Odysseus!

Our days together are going to be extraordinary and crazy, but don’t you agree that anything opposite to this, it would be boring? If you join us, an unforgettable summer is waiting for you in Greece!





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