On a cold night of December ’97, a local was born. Her name: Patra.

A long journey across the seas of AEGEE awaited her of discoveries, entertainment and knowledge. Fear of Davy Jones’s locker kept her assail. After 15 years this boat is still afloat, and doing mighty good!

This December, come to Patra, such a Port Royal that is! Learn how her AEGEEans rock parties in Tortuga, but also what secrets they hide behind the sail of their boat! Inviting people from the past, inviting people that want to discover her, as well as people from her region! It’s a Birthday Celebration combined with an RTC!

Patra calling Europe! Patra is gonna rock your boat this December! Join us if you dare! Discover Patra and gain AEGEEan knowledge! It all comes down to this… Patra is giving her everything!

Apply: http://intranet.aegee.org/event/view/173/18326